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Halsey) and Work by rihanna (feat. Topping the digital Songs Sales charts this year were cant Stop the feeling! By justin Timberlake, closer by The Chainsmokers (feat. Halsey) and my house by Flo rida. See the nielsen Music year-End charts (attached) for more information. Other notable insights and trends from the 2016 nielsen Music. Year-End Report, include:   On-demand audio streaming has now grown to 38 of total audio consumption (albums track equivalents on-demand audio streaming equivalents) to become the largest share of consumption.   The on-demand audio streaming share has now surpassed total digital sales (digital albums digital track equivalents) for the first time in history.

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The industry did experience sales decreases in nearly all formats, particularly digital sales. However, the growth in streaming was more than enough to off-set the declines, which resulted in a positive year for the music business. The music industry continues to grow at a healthy rate, and 2016 showed us that the landscape is evolving even more quickly than we have seen with other format shifts, said david bakula, svp of Music Industry Insights. Thanks to the rapid emergence of new technologies and channels for discovery and engagement, consumers are finding and listening to more music in new ways. Drakes, views release was the leader in total volume (albums track equivalent albums audio on-demand streaming equivalent albums) this year, followed by Adeles 25 and beyoncés. For the second year in a row, Adeles 25 led the years album sales in the. S., marking only the second time in history rexel that the same album has been the top seller in two consecutive calendar years (the first being Adeles 21 album in 2011 2012). Vinyl lp sales, which have reached an all-time nielsen Music-era high volume of 13M units, increased for the 11th consecutive year in 2016. . The top vinyl lp of the year was Twenty One pilots. Blurryface, with david Bowies, blackstar and Adeles 25 finishing close behind. The biggest song of the year in terms of total activity (sales audio streaming equivalents) was Drakes dylan One dance, followed by Closer by Chainsmokers (feat.

Nielsen music releases 2016. Highly Anticipated Report Provides Comprehensive coverage of the year in Music. 5, 2017, nielsen Music released its 2016. Year-End Report for the 12-month period ending Dec. This highly anticipated report provides comprehensive coverage of the year in music from the coveted nielsen Music year-End charts, presented by billboard, plan to insights on the most important industry trends from sales and streaming to social media and overall consumer engagement across todays most popular. The nielsen Music. Year-End Report confirms that the music industry experienced steady and consistent growth in 2016, with overall volume up, fueled by a 76 increase in on-demand audio streams compared to last year. On-demand audio streams surpassed 250B streams in 2016, and overall on-demand streams (including video) have reached 431B.

the nielsen report

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Perhaps most interestingly, 62 percent agreed with the statement that sponsors of esports events are becoming more attractive. The best-known esports sponsors among the 14 to 29 year age demographic are red Bull (with 38 percent name recognition coca-cola and Monster Energy (each 24 percent). On top of Germany, nielsens new research will span the United States,. K, france, japan, south Korea, and China in 2017. Nielsen hasnt jumped into the esports space alone either; the company has set up an advisory board filled with representatives from. Esl, espn, facebook, fifa, major league gaming activision Blizzard, nba 2k league, the next level, PlayStation, turner Media, business twitch, Twitter, Unilever, and google owned. Nielsen has also developed Esports24, a sponsorship tracking service made for esport competitions, that measures the level of brand exposure dependent on game title, event format and location. It writers has already measured a sponsorship value in the range of 75,000 to 17 million for the playoff rounds of major esports events, with the amount depending on the tournament and type of sponsorship. Blizzard, esl, espn germany, mlg, nielsen twitch,.

Were excited to enhance our client offerings and provide the industry with solutions that will help guide and optimize investment decisions in this exciting, growing space. Along with the announcement, nielsen Sports has published a report on esports spectator trends within Germany, in cooperation with Infront Germany and sport1 media. A key result from the nation-wide representative survey is that 23 percent of those asked consider themselves interested in esports. According to nielsen this is on par with the nations interest in cycling and volleyball and just ahead of cross-country skiing, snowboarding (each 22 percent) and table tennis (19 percent). The survey also looked at how esports fans engage with industry content and the way it is presented. A high 62 percent said they wanted to visit esports events in the future, and indeed Germany offers plenty of opportunity to do so, with esl one cologne, esl one hamburg and eu lcs games which are filmed live in Berlin. Nearly half of the respondents also said they watch broadcasts of games they do not play themselves, and weve seen figures similar to this in a newzoo stud. 62 percent of respondents to nielsens Germany-wide survey agreed with the statement that sponsors of esports events are becoming more attractive.

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the nielsen report

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Multicultural Super Consumers can heavily influence media non-multicultural consumers in Super geo areas—geographies with a higher concentration of Super Consumers. Proximity to other cultures and the sharing of cultural influences, attitudes, and behaviors in Super geo clusters magnifies the multicultural opportunity. And these behaviors are prelim affecting the purchase behavior of non-multicultural consumers, too. For example, while multicultural consumers represent 53 of hot sauce super Consumers, the category has grown beyond it, becoming a mainstream condiment. Just as soul food, sushi, tacos, pizza and other once-ethnic foods have become as ubiquitous as apple pie and hot dogs, the traditions, attitudes and shopping behaviors of multiculturals are expanding the multicultural market opportunity. These multicultural Super Consumer categories have already experienced the future where many categories are likely to follow. Understanding how purchase behaviors are driven by multicultural consumer values, lifestyles, tastes and preferences is the key to total market growth.

To download a copy of the full report, please visit us. Click here to go back. Global research company nielsen has launched its own esports division. Nielsen Esports will be focused on providing sponsorship valuation, fan insights and consultancy services for various entities entirely within the competitive gaming industry including brands and broadcasters. Nielsen Esports will be focused on providing sponsorship valuation, fan insights and consultancy services entirely for the competitive gaming industry. Howard Appelbaum, president of nielsen Entertainment, said in a statement: Theres a high demand for reliable, independent measurement of value in esports.

This social spaces includes physical places or venues with multiethnic proximity, virtual ones as in social media, shared lifestyle orientations, and popular culture affinities that reflect and reenforce the cultural diversity around them. CulturEdge consumers are adopting or have already adopted cultural attitudes and behaviors. New mainstream - the emerging. Multicultural marketplace, as described in Garcias The new mainstream: How the multicultural Consumer Is Transforming American Business. As the population shifts, it is no longer a valid business strategy to assume that ethnicity and race will eventually become irrelevant and dissolve into a homogenous general market.

Instead, marketers should adjust and update their efforts to address a new mainstream marketplace that reflects and acknowledges consumers of all ethnicities and races as a source of new business trends and business growth and develop and activation strategy that reflects that reality. Multicultural consumers are younger, in their prime and already make up 38 of the. Expected to become the numerical majority by 2044, 21 of the top 25 most-populated counties in the United States are already more than 50 multicultural. Knowing the cultural appeal of a brand is critical to marketers, as multicultural populations can vary widely even within metro areas. The combination of majority multicultural geographies and high levels of interethnic proximity magnify the need for ethnic and cross-cultural marketing. Multicultural consumers comprise a disproportionate share of many categories, such as dairy, baby food and diapers, laundry supplies and detergents, school supplies, and other family goods. Of 126 grocery store categories reviewed, 45 categories (36) over-index in total rate of spending for all multicultural consumers compared to non-multiculturals. The findings show Asian Americans are more likely to eat organic foods (29). Cultural identity is very important to African- Americans (78) and Hispanics (71 and social causes are particularly meaningful to hispanics (43).

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One of the essay many eye-opening insights in The multicultural Edge is an analysis. Census-based data showing that by 2030 all of the nations population growth will come from multiculturals. Whats more, the compounded effect of the relative youth and longer life expectancy of Hispanics, Asians and African Americans translates into extended effective years of buying power for African Americans (42.3 Asians (52.3) and Hispanics (56.5 compared to non-Hispanics whites (36.7). For marketers and advertisers, the additional years of effective buying power represented by multicultural consumers translates into a better long-term return on their marketing and advertising dollars and a chance to align their brand with a fast-expanding pool of empowered tech-savvy shoppers. A preview of the report was presented earlier this months at the south by southwest Interactive conference in Austin, texas by EthniFacts guy garcia, who moderated the sxsw panel Latino tech-Culture powers Up, featuring nielsens Monica gil, at ts Christina gamboa and Maria hinojosa from. Once viewed as laggards in a widening digital divide, multiculturals today are leaders in technology adoption and over index against non-Hispanics whites on time spent on the Internet, mobile devices and social media apps. Nielsens Multicultural Edge report incorporates a number of key ethniFacts paradigms and market insights, among them: Ambicultural identity - the ability and willingness to function competently in two cultures, which allows many multicultural consumers to simultaneously maintain their cultural heritage and see themselves as equally. Multicultural consumers gravitate to brands, products, and activities that reinforce their cultural roots. CulturEdge - the social spaces where people of any race or ethnicity exchange their and mix their distinct cultures with parity and reciprocity.

the nielsen report

Project for the european Investment Fund. The deployment by it-dev, specialising in designing and implementing high-quality intranets, based on Microsoft Sharepoint 10th Anniversary of it-dev, the deployment by it-dev, specialising in designing and implementing high-quality intranets, based on Microsoft Sharepoint. Insight04: nielsens first Multicultural Super Consumer Report features key ethniFacts paradigms and groundbreaking insights. Multicultural consumers are transforming the. Propelled by the twin engines of population growth and expanding buying power, they are at the leading edge of converging social and demographic trends that are reshaping how marketers and advertisers use culture to connect with increasingly diverse consumer markets. With multicultural consumer spending in the United States event today.4 trillion, this "super consumer" group is also influencing the tastes and behaviors of non-Hispanic whites that share their attitudes and shopping behaviors. The nielsen report, The multicultural Edge: Rising Super Consumers, identifies multicultural consumers as the most dynamic and fasting growing segment of the. Consumer economy and shines a light on their role as Super Consumers, which refers to the top 10 of households who drive at least 30 of sales, 40 of growth and 50 of profits of any consumer product category. The report reveals how by understanding the cultural essence that drives multicultural super consumer behavior today, marketers and advertisers can better understand future market trends.

important component of the user-oriented designing process which enables to prepare the system project more consciously, said Hubert Turaj, ux director from edisonda. The companies have already completed over a dozen similar projects. Close cooperation between edisonda designers and it-dev consultants is of utmost importance here. During the project for tauron group, it-dev was responsible for intranet deployment, taking care to insure the best adjustment of the system use patterns to the functionalities available at Sharepoint platform. For more information on the deployment of tauron group common intranet see m, we are proud our deployment has been included in the group of global Sharepoint technology leaders, said Tomasz szałaj. This emphasises our high competence and technology advancement of the provided solutions, szałaj adds. The report can be bought at nielsen Norman Group website (report). This is a great publication for companies planning to implement intranet and also for those operating in Sharepoint technology.

In late january and early february 2016, nn/g published the report describing global deployment examples. 21 winning intranets, worth attention according to experts, were selected from over one hundred applications. The report includes for example case studies of sample intranets in ms sharepoint technology, design patterns, methods adopted to achieve the best intranet vision for every organisation, as well as screenshots to show how the portals operate. The report covers also intranet provided to tauron Group by us, for over.5 thousand users, says Tomasz szałaj, management board President in it-dev. This portal offers clear access to different information to the associates of companies in the Group. The intranet created by us is an electronic workplace, supporting document storage and sharing, flow of work and projects. It report enables to perform joint ventures by various companies, to provide mutual services based on information flow and efficient exchange of knowledge. The functional and graphic aspect of the deployment was supported by edisonda from Krakow whom it-dev has cooperated with since 2013.

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The deployment by it-dev, specialising in designing and implementing high-quality intranets, based on Microsoft Sharepoint technology, was included in the report published by nielsen Norman Group (NN/g). Best Sharepoint Intranets describes the best examples of intranet deployments using Sharepoint. The group of 21 deployment examples includes also description of the common intranet of tauron group, provided by elsen Norman Group has studied intranet deployments worldwide since 1998. The Group analyses the usability, quality, impact for the communication improvement or customer business development, but also innovations introduced by the deployment companies. In 2015, tauron group received a distinction in a competition organised by nielsen Norman Group for the intranet provided by it-dev. The competition organised by nn/g identifies the best intranet projects plan worldwide. This is the most renowned study of corporate portal functionality and usability in the world. In 2015, for the first time ever, a polish service joined the group of winners.

the nielsen report
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Along with the announcement, nielsen Sports has published a report on esports spectator trends within Germany, in cooperation with. stream for nielsen, the report provides important context and infrastructure for the rapidly growing digital out-of-home marketplace.

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  1. The nielsen Global Responsibility report covers the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that are critical to nielsen. Nielsen s 2013 Mobile consumer Report pulls together findings from surveys, custom and syndicated research conducted around the world. The report was assembled using nielsen 's integrated approach of combining traffic and transaction data with demographic and qualitative.

  2. last decade, the report reiterates, nielsen s earlier announced news that the combined genre is now the top music genre in terms. The nielsen report suggests that our media habits have remained fairly steady over the last few years, though smartphone usage and time. The nielsen report, the multicultural Edge: Rising Super Consumers, identifies multicultural consumers as the most dynamic and fasting. to share the report or video with anyone else, or post it to any internal or external file server, website, or intranet.

  3. finance at, nielsen, to get her insight into the value of the, nielsen, global Responsibility, report, particularly for investors. The, nielsen, music. Year-End, report confirms that the music industry experienced steady and consistent growth in 2016, with overall.

  4. The, nielsen, music Mid-year, report provides the definitive figures and charts for the music industry from the first six months of 2017. While the front sections of the quarterly. Nielsen, total Audience reports typically dive deep on media usage by certain demographics—age.

  5. Its first report looking exclusively at the, asian esports market, nielsen has examined a number of key audience trends in the countries. Privacy Statement terms of Use site map Copyright 2018. The, nielsen, company (us llc.

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