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Time by Stephen Dixon The doctor

Now I can easily read both ways, much to the amusement of my family. An avid bibliophile, i have purchased and read at least 1000 books and have donated more than 700 to various libraries and va hospitals across the United States. A few years ago my spouse and child got together to gift me a kindle so that I would quit buying books and filling up every bookcase to overflowing. But wait isnt that what bookcases are for? At any rate, i now thoroughly enjoy both physical as well as e-reads. A human resources professional by trade, regardless of where i am, i can be found with either a book or my kindle in my possession. Stuck in a traffic snarl on the freeway?

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Local wisdom and globalization Shanghai, urban Language was member of the jury during the cumulus shanghai conference 2010 at the college of Design innovation. First copy Shanghai new Towns Shanghai, today a first (preliminary) copy of our book 'shanghai new Towns - searching for community and identity in a sprawling metropolis' was handed over to sun Jiwei, the district governor of Shanghai's jiading district, during a conference organized. Presentation on urban developments in Shanghai delft, 28 november 2009 Presentation on the turbulent urban developments in Shanghai during the international conference 'the new Urban question - urbanism beyond neo-liberalism' that took place from november 26th to 28th, 2009 at zuiderkerk in Amsterdam and Delft. Looking for green The hague (Nl. 29 September 2008 Lecture on community gardens during the debate 'greenspotting haaglanden' in Stroom The hague book launch Exurbia - living outside the city Amsterdam, today a first copy of our book was handed over to government Advisor on Landscape dirk sijmons in Architectura natura. Cat Clontz, reviewer, i am happy to review any romances of the following categories (note: contemporary only for all categories bdsm (no non-con, please, unless it's consensual non-con, no littles m/m, m/m/m, erotic, paranormal (vampires, shifters, mpreg). All categories must have an hea or hfn. I choose not to review: f/f, m-to-f trans, m/f, m/f/m, m/m/f, historical, horror, literary, cliffhangers (story arcs with conclusive end per story yet overall series continues are fine sci-fi, write taboo, na, ya, zombies. I learned to read upside down and backward at the age of three while sitting across the table from my grandmother as she read the morning paper and sipped at her cup of coffee (which she refused to share i was forced to drink milk). It wasnt until I was in second grade that a teacher made me turn my book around and learn to read it the proper way.

To overcome the dichotomy between city and countryside, farmers must find a way to join house the world economy. Collective housing in Suburbia published in: sr o rotterdam, October 2005 Article (in Dutch) on new forms of collective housing in suburbs and new towns in the netherlands. Correspondent for Mark magazine published in: Mark magazine since 2009 Harry den Hartog regularly contributes articles to mark magazine, a platform for the practice and perception of architecture at the dawn of the third millennium. Correspondent for ArchiNed Published in: ArchiNed Since 2004 Harry den Hartog regularly contributes articles to ArchiNed and made temporarily part of the editorial team. News about us tedx tedx talk in caohejing High-Tec Park, shanghai shanghai, urban Agenda november 2013 Visiting beijing as participant at eu china Urbanisation Partnership Forum. Oct loft talk invited as panel-member by Urbanus Shenzhen, 7 December 2013 Lecturing in Italy Invited by two universities in Italy for guest-lectures Milano/pavia, may 2013 book presentation 'Edge of Public' hong Kong, 16 February 2012 Today our bilingual booklet Edge of Public was presented. Sanghay ile Istanbul Turkish-language review of Shanghai new Towns September 11, 2011 Rural Kitchen Lecture and jury member during the rural Kitchen workshop Chongming Island, fall 2009 Exported to China Shanghai, february 2011 'Shanghai new Towns. Searching for community and identity in a sprawling metropolis' is also available now in Chinese bookstores. Presentation in tai wu rotterdam, 20 September 2010 Presentation in tai wu for an association of architects on recent architectural developments in China.

time magazine book reviews

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What is the eksempel impact of the Olympic Games on this city? The limits to Growth? How beijing is preparing for the future published in: de Architect beijing, august 2008 beijing, like shanghai, wants to present itself as a model city for the future. How will beijing continue to develop itself after the games? Olympic Games, a motor for urban renewal Conversation with kees Christiaanse published in: nai publishers Rotterdam, may 2008 Urban Language interviewed kees Christiaanse and others about the usefulness of Olympic Games in the netherlands. These conversations are included in the book olympic Fire, published by nai publishers and edited by winy maas. Tamed 'wild living' municipal management versus freedom of building Published in: de Architect Almere, june 2007 over the coming years the municipality of Almere will make 30,000 sites available to private individuals so that they can build homes as they want. A new balance has to be found between municipal management and this new freedom. City and countryside Physical planning and design in contemporary China published in: de Architect Shanghai/Beijing, may 2006 The relation between the rural and urban economy have been changing ever since China became a world Trade Organization member in 2001.

The magazine also discusses recent projects and developments in the netherlands. Architecture as afterimage conversation with Ben van Berkel Published in: idc Nanjing, may 2009 Urban Language interviewed Ben van Berkel on his design philosophy. Sidewalk versus Mall Public spaces under threat Published in: Urban Flux #6 Shanghai, april 2009 Essay on the similarities and differences between the netherlands and China, regarding the use and meaning of public spaces. Building your own house published in: idc Nanjing, April 2009 Column on private commissioned housing in the netherlands for the Chinese-language magazine idc Architecture in the netherlands Published in: idc Nanjing, january 2009 Essay on recent developments in the field of architecture in the netherlands. This essay is also an introduction for an extended special on Dutch Design. Greenery community community gardens in New York published in: Club Donny #1 Rotterdam, Spring/Summer 2008 Essay for Club Donny, a new biennial magazine on the personal experience of nature in the urban environment. Beijing 080808 The meaning of the Olympic Games for beijing Published in: de Architect beijing, august 2008 Host country China intends to use the Olympic Games that will take place this year in beijing to show off what it has achieved.

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time magazine book reviews

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published in: Society and Public Welfare march 2013 Urban Language contributed an article at the request of a renowned Chinese magazine publication on Moscow's new town development Shanghai, autumn 2012 Urban Language was invited as critical independent expert to contribute a chapter to a book. This book serves as a moment of reflection in the development of a new city near Moscow. Quality towers over quantity in building cities Published in: China daily Shanghai, opinion piece for the newspaper China daily, by harry den Hartog. The inducement for writing this article was the joint Declaration on the eu-china partnership on Urbanization, signed by european Commission President Jose manuel Barroso and China's Vice-Premier li keqiang on From central control towards laissez faire published in: sro shanghai, june 2012 Article about the. Everyday theme parks published in: Urban China magazine #52 Shanghai, may 2012 Essay about the role of malls in contemporary China, with references to worldwide experiences, the decay of existing cities, an urban renaissance, and of course michael Sorkin's 'variations on a theme park: the. From Qingpu to jiading Published in: ta magazine Shanghai, january 2012 Paper on the urbanization of the countryside around Shanghai and the role of architects in creating new cities. Nanjing Perspectives Published in: mark magazine #32 Nanjing, resume june/July 2011 Conversation with Steven Holl on the design and building process of the Art architecture museum in Nanjing.

Haphazard growth in a land of plenty published in: damn28 Shanghai, april 2011 Essay on extremely fast and uncoordinated urban developments in Shanghai. World Expo Shanghai published in: de Architect Shanghai, may 2010 Report on the world Expo in Shanghai for the dutch magazine 'the Architect'. Letter from Sichuan Published in: mark magazine #23 Chengdu, december 2009 - january 2010 Report about reconstruction activities in the earthquake devastated area. Green fields, Orange Clouds Chicago, september 2009 Essay on urban - rural relations in American cities, notably Chicago Greener City, better Life published in: Urban China #37 Shanghai, august 2009 Essay for the magazine Urban China on the meaning of parks as public spaces,. Dutch architects building global architecture in China? Published in: Urban Flux #7 Shanghai, may 2009 Essay on the works and experiences of Dutch architects in China. Urban Language was also invited as a guest-editor for a special edition about 'dutch architecure'.

NL2040 - hints for later The hague - rotterdam, 2007 Harry den Hartog wrote a number of columns, reports and an extensive essay as input for a series of meetings and debates with the aim to give an 'alternative' vision on future spatial tasks for. Living farmyards overijssel, 2006 The dutch Province of overijssel counts thousands of farmyards. Yearly several hundreds of them loose their agricultural function. The province asked us to do a research on the possibilities for transformation of abandoned and old farmyards. Private territory Study on the rise of private controlled outdoor spaces in the netherlands Rotterdam, following his graduation project at the Academy of Architecture and Urban Design in Rotterdam Harry den Hartog researched the rise of private controlled territories in The netherlands. Exurbia living outside the city rotterdam, The book exurbia - living outside the city, made by harry den Hartog, criticizes the fast changing Dutch countryside.

The new spatial policy in the netherlands seems to be a threat for the countryside and the edges between urban and rural. This book gives some critical comment on the new policy, supplemented with appropriate suggestions. Our Publications China Urban Lab: Nut en noodzaak van experimenten Published in: rooilijn Amsterdam, november 2016 Article for rooilijn, a journal by the University of Amsterdam on science and policy in spatial planning Back to basics Published in: Mark #63 Chengdu, august/September 2016 Article. Attempts to control Urbanization Published in: Volume #39 Amsterdam, April 2014 Article on Chinas hukou system: Attempts to control Urbanization by Strictly separating Urban and Rural Eastern Promises Published in: Hantje catz verlag vienna, june 2013 we were invited by mak (Austrian Museum of Applied. Shopping for History published in: Mark #43 Zhujiajiao, april/may 2013 Article on an urban renewal project in an ancient Chinese water town west of Shanghai. Made in China published in: mark #45 Dalian, aug/Sept 2013 Article written at the request of mark about the dalian Conference center, designed by coop Himmelb(l)au: a prime example of thoroughness and precision work.

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From Almere to qingpu Shanghai, 13- Urban Language coordinated an excursion for the International New Town Institute (inti) with as central theme the new towns and new cities around Shanghai. Urban Flux beijing, summer 2009 The Chinese magazine Urban Flux invited Harry den Hartog as a guest-editor to make this special issue on Dutch Architects and China. The magazine also discusses the state of architecture in the netherlands. Bnsp workshop discussion Amsterdam, urban summary Language organized a workshop discussion on the urbanization of the dutch countryside during a bnsp congress. Shanghai dialogues Shanghai, urban Language mediated the Chinese contacts during a sino-dutch conference, as part of the Shanghai international Creative industry week. Shanghai globalism Shanghai, 2009 Organisation of a study tour to the 'one city - nine towns' development around Shanghai commissioned by new York University. Urban Galleries Nanjing - rotterdam, 2009 Organization of a study trip through Germany and the netherlands for a group of young Chinese designers and critics with a special interest in museums Are cities more important than countries? Rotterdam, publication commissioned by the Institute for housing and Urban development Studies (IHS) on the occasion of its 50th anniversary Urban meetings Rotterdam, October 2008 Urban Language made a series of reports and an essay, commissioned by the Institute for housing and Urban development Studies. Huig Executive-editor of huig#8 and huig#9 Rotterdam, 2007 Harry den Hartog was executive-editor of huig#8 and huig#9, the biannual magazine of the rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design.

time magazine book reviews

Critical advice on developing a new town (1). Beijing, 2011, urban Language was asked to give an independent critical reflection on existing plans for a new town near beijing supplemented by suggestions for further development. Advice on various international projects, shanghai, 2011. In the autumn of 2011, Urban Language worked on several studies and consultations commissioned by professionals related with Tongji University. Urban China magazine, shanghai, urban Language consults regularly with the urban research center of Urban China magazine. Harry den Hartog was member of the editorial board of #51 and #52. Area development in rural Henan. Zhengzhou, 2011 Urban Language has been consulted by a local operator developer for independent critical advice in an area development in rural Henan. Shanghai new Towns searching for community and identity in a sprawling metropolis Shanghai, 2010 Research on the rapid urbanization and decentralization in the direct controlled municipality Shanghai, resulting in the book shanghai new Towns - searching for community and identity in a sprawling metropolis, published.

in Hong Kong's Kowloon Park, curated by liu yuyang, li xiangning, and Harry den Hartog. Hong Kong, 16 February - in the countless new town developments in China, we witnessed an increasingly privatized domain both spatially and socially. What is the real shape of the public domain and how can architects respond to this phenomenon? Critical advice on developing a new town (2). Liaoning, 2011, urban Language was asked to give an independent critical reflection on existing plans for a new town near Shenyang supplemented by suggestions for further development. Redevelopment plan for an island, vladivostok / Shanghai, 2011. Urban Language consulted with the international communications and strategy to be followed, and made a master plan, in a design competition regarding the redevelopment of a russian island near Vladivostok.

Urban Sustainability in China 2013. Research on urban sustainability and liveability in Chinese new towns commissioned by the european Commission. Urban Design Workshop in India, november-December 2012, urban Language was invited to participate in a 10-day cross-disciplinairy urban design workshop on the development of a new town in central India. Research for Moscow Urban Forum 2012. Autumn 2012, urban Language was asked as Chinese representative by the organizing committee business of the moscow International Urban Forum «Emerging World Cities» to do preliminary research on the quality of life as experienced by residents of beijing and Shanghai. Dutch New Worlds, scenarios in Physical Planning and Design in the netherlands. Shanghai - zurich - rotterdam, june 2012 "Our decisions shape our future, but we know little about how.

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Research consult, research consult at Vanke, february 2017. Since february 2017 Harry den Hartog works as researcher and consultant on new town planning and design issues at Vanke. Research on residential high-rise, since january 2015 (ongoing research with Tongji University on carbon emissions and sustainable development of residential high-rise complexes in spondylolisthesis the yangtze delta. Living on Water 2015. Urban Language performed preliminary research on possibilities for floating neighborhoods in China, commissioned by deltaSync. Salon and excursion on urban villages. November 2014, organizing a salon and visits to Shanghai-based non-profit groups for the world Banks main economic expert and specialist on climate change, with as central theme the role of urban villages, the position of migrants and gentrification. Resilient Port development, november 2014, capacity building by workshop in Singapore on resilient port development in the context of urbanizing deltas, organised by the future cities Laboratory at eth and Delft University of Technology.

time magazine book reviews
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